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  1. Hindu Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    12-PACK FOR $99
    • THC Level: 18%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Indica

    Hindu Kush Feminized

    • THC Level: 18%
    • Plant Type: Indica
  2. Shishkaberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 24%
    • CBD Level: 0.6%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    Shishkaberry Kush Feminized

    • THC Level: 24%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
  3. Master Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 22%
    • CBD Level: 0.6%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    Master Kush Feminized

    • THC Level: 22%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
  4. CBD Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 6%
    • CBD Level: 15%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid

    CBD Kush Autoflower

    • THC Level: 6%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid
  5. Afghan Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 17%
    • CBD Level: 0.2%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    Afghan Kush Feminized

    • THC Level: 17%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
  6. Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 18%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    Bubba Kush Feminized

    • THC Level: 18%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
  7. Mount Kushmore Mix Pack
    • This Mix Pack features:
    • Cold War Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • Chocoholic Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • Girl Scout Kushies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Mount Kushmore Mix Pack

    What's the only thing better than Kush? More Kush.
    What's the only thing better than Kush? More Kush.

Kush Seeds for Sale

Kush seeds are coveted ganja gems with genetics from ancient ancestors that grew wildly in the Hindu Kush mountains. They encompass a variety of indica strains and hybrids, many award-winning, some extremely potent, and all impressing recreational and medicinal users alike.

What are marijuana Kush seeds?

All Kush seeds are descendants of an ancient landrace strain that grew among the Hindu Kush mountains and Himalayan surrounds for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The region, spanning Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and North-Western India, is one of the few places where weed grows naturally.


Like a stroke of Mother Nature’s genius, ancestral Kush plants evolved, adapting to unpredictable climates, dry terrains, and colder weather. Over time, these isolated crops attained genetic stability and purity while exhibiting vigorous growth and resiliency.


Nobody knows precisely how original Kush seeds found their way onto the mainstream weed circuit of the western world. Many attribute their discovery to the iconic Hippie Trail,” a journey taken by subculture enthusiasts in the 60s and 70s.


The route took the pot-loving travelers from Europe to South Asia, mainly through Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Iran. We suspect many returned home to the US and Europe with Kush seeds in tow.


When breeders got their hands on marijuana Kush seeds, they soon discovered how versatile these crops were compared to existing sativa varieties. This flexibility profoundly changed the weed growing methods of the time.


Kush plants had a significantly shorter flowering time than their sativa counterparts, meaning more harvests, quicker. They were also much more resilient so that growers could get away with successful yields in colder regions like Alaska and British Columbia.


Of course, it didn’t take long before Kush marijuana seeds became a staple among breeders, and legendary strains like OG Kush, Purple Kush, and Bubba Kush were born. So, what type of weed is Kush, and why did it become a worldwide hit?


Kush weed plants are typically pure or indica-leaning varieties with a stocky structure, bushy foliage, and thick, sticky flowers. Resilient, resinous, and ridiculously high-yielding, Kush plants have revolutionized the cannabis industry. Breeders worldwide still capitalize on such desirable traits, inventing legendary strains that grace the Marijuana Halls of Fame.


Kush varieties 

Today, there are countless varieties of Kush marijuana seeds. Thanks to modern hybridization, you can find a strain that suits all of your needs and desires. Here are a few fan favorites you’ll find at Homegrown Cannabis Co.:


These Kush seeds blossom into the closest thing you’ll find to the ancient Kush strain. As a landrace, Hindu Kush is a pure indica with deeply soothing effects for the mind and body. The buds ooze with resin, 18% THC, and sandalwood, herb, and pine notes.


OG Kush is a world-famous indica-leaning strain with a powerful sativa kick and up to 21% THC. The gluey buds exude lemon, spice, pine, and an unmistakable diesel-like aroma. With these auto Kush seeds, you can double your harvests, too. 


A GSC x OG Kush strain, Girl Scout Kushies brings the best traits of two ganja classics to life. These marijuana seeds blossom into beginner-friendly crops with tightly packed nugs that’ll take all of your senses on a beautiful trip.


These are just some of the top-notch Kush varieties we offer, so have a look-see on this page to discover our entire collection. You’ll notice that most options are indica-leaning.


Is all Kush indica-dominant only, though? Not at all. Thanks to meticulous crossbreeding, you can also find sativa-dominant Kush varieties and balanced hybrid Kush seeds. Here are some popular options we stock:


If you want an invigorating strain that’ll banish your blues, ignite creativity, and send your body to cloud nine, then these Kush marijuana seeds are for you. The massive crops produce frosty, lemony buds that delight your taste buds, too.


This balanced hybrid pays homage to its OG Kush x Diesel heritage with dank fragrances of earth, herbs, spice, and a touch of diesel. The 20% THC content ensures a hard-hitting cerebral buzz followed by bone-deep relaxation.


These Kush seeds blossom into sativa-leaning plants with massive colas packing a 22% THC punch. With Amnesia and Nicole Kush genetics, the sweet, syrupy nugs promise an uplifting experience filled with motivation, inspiration, and relaxation. 


Different types of Kush seeds

Kush seeds encompass a massive variety of strains derived from Kush genetics, but what about the different seed types? Here’s a breakdown to help you understand and find the kind that suits your needs.


  • Regular Kush seeds

These kinds of cannabis seeds are as Mother Nature intended and produce male and female crops. They’re perfect for avid strain creators looking to combine Kush genetics with another cultivar. Remember to separate the male plants from the females in time.


  • Feminized Kush seeds

If you want nothing but bud-producing crops, then these types of marijuana seeds are for you. Through a process called feminization, our in-house experts remove the male genetics to ensure an all-female crop 99.9% of the time


  • Autoflower Kush seeds

Autoflowers are known for their quick-flowering time and ability to produce buds without changing the light schedule. Combine these traits with some Kush genetics, and you can get an endless stash of Kush weed.


  • Fast version Kush seeds

These kinds of marijuana Kush seeds produce photoperiodic crops like their regular and feminized counterparts, only they flower much faster. Unlike autos, they still need periods of undisturbed darkness to enter the flowering phase.


Why buy Kush marijuana seeds?

Different types of Kush weed each have their distinct growth patterns and qualities. You’ll often find strains with one or more signature Kush traits. Why buy Kush seeds? Well, there are loads of reasons, but here are some things worth considering: 


Kush weed has flavor

Kush weed is typically smooth and silky on the lungs and throat with a sweet, earthy undertone. Floral notes and hints of grape, citrus, herb, diesel, pine, and spice are also prevalent among Kush varieties. Strawberry Kush takes your taste buds on a nuanced journey of sweet, fruity flavors, while Loopy Juice packs an OG Kush and zesty cocktail taste. These are both mouth-watering examples of flavorful Kush varieties.


Kush weed smells amazing

Much like the flavors, Kush fragrances include rich earth, sweet herbs, pepper, and spices. Zesty fruit, floral, piney, and fuel-like undertones are common too. Tropicana Cookies Purple and Chocoholic Kush are testaments to the delectable aromas of Kush varieties.


Kush weed packs a punch

Kush plants produce potent buds that pack a punch from the heavens. Upon consumption, an intense euphoric buzz manifests, coupled with bone-deep relaxation. Naturally, the degree of these effects depends on the potency and type of strain, too. Top-notch options like Master Kush promise spectacular downtime drenched in euphoria, while Phantom Menace delivers a fast-acting mental boost and a slow-spreading calm.


Kush weed is pleasurably potent

An above-average THC content is typical among the different types of Kush weed. Crowd favorites like Afghan Kush hover at around 17% THC, while descendant strains like Killer boast a whopping 27% THC.


Kush weed has medicinal value

Kush weed plants are also famous for their therapeutic benefits. Stress melts away, tension disappears, and you’re left feeling uplifted, happy, and relaxed. These strains also aid in treating depression and anxiety. 


On the physical side, Kush varieties can offer relief from chronic pain, joint stiffness, migraines, aches, and muscle spasms. Appetite loss, insomnia, and nausea also become things of the past after some suitable Kush weed.


If you want a CBD-rich Kush strain, you can try CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush. With 10% THC and 9% CBD, this cultivar offers a light euphoria coupled with profound medicinal qualities. If you’re looking for something a little less psychoactive, CBD Strawberry Kush is another excellent choice. We have other CBD Kush varieties, too.


Kush plants have high resin production

Kush weed plants are notorious for producing dense, tightly-packed buds practically oozing with resin. It’s no wonder extract enjoyers and rosin recreationalists adore Kush varieties. Tahoe Kush and Candy Kush are just two gloriously sticky options.


Kush weed plants offer generous yields

Besides their other stellar qualities, Kush plants are known for producing copious amounts of sticky bud. Breeders often cross Kush strains to complement and enhance the yield capacity of different cultivars. 


Some top-of-the-range high-yielding Kush varieties include Kosher Kush, Lemon Kush, and Critical Kush.


Kush plants are durable

Kush weed plants are typically resistant to common pests and diseases. Their ancestors also grew accustomed to less-than-ideal weather like drought, sudden temperature changes, and extreme cold. 


As a result, modern Kush varieties retain some hardy genetics. Easy-growing, beginner-friendly strains like Sour Kush and Gangster Sourz are two options popular among novices. 


Ready to join the Homegrown community and become a Kush cannaisseur? Buy Kush seeds right here and share your cultivation experiences with us and fellow growers. 


How to grow Kush weed

Forget about your uncle’s friend’s brother’s cousin’s backyard bad Reggie. Now you can grow your own flavorful, powerful, and wonderfully sticky Kush varieties with Homegrown Cannabis Co. So how do you grow Kush?


Different types of Kush weed strains have different needs. Genetics, size, and indica, sativa, or ruderalis traits all play a vital role in determining what your Kush plants need.


Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:


Growing Kush plants indoors

Indica-dominant Kush plants are typically stocky, sturdy, and super bushy. They can usually fit in confined spaces without a hassle, perfect for indoor setups. Many Kush varieties work with the Sea of Green (SOG) method.


SOG is a yield-boosting technique that involves flipping your crops into the flowering stage earlier than usual. It’s also about maximizing space and encouraging lateral growth by creating a canopy for your Kush plants. 


As a result, your crops are smaller, but you can fit more of them in a restricted space while harvesting them quicker. Most growers take advantage of this fact and manage two or more yields in a single growing season.


If your Kush plants are tall, lanky, and sativa-leaning, you can use the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method instead. It’s also a yield-improving technique that encourages horizontal growth and an even canopy using a mesh screen.


Trim and prune your Kush weed plants regularly, removing any non-essential leaves. By doing this, you’ll expose the lower bud sites to maximum light and airflow. You’ll also mitigate the threat of moisture buildup and mold.


Generally speaking, the temperature range should stay between 70℉–79℉ and relative humidity (RH) levels between 40%–50% for healthy crops. Use a growing medium that accommodates your Kush plants’ roots and overall growth while ensuring adequate water and nutrient intake. Get it right, and your Kush seeds will eventually reward you with loads of sweet, sticky buds.


Growing Kush plants outside

If you opt for outdoor cultivation, germinate your Kush seeds inside first and keep them under a light or on a sunny windowsill. You can then gradually expose them to the garden conditions once they’re 2–3 week old seedlings.


Most Kush varieties thrive in mild weather that’s warm with lots of sun, similar to a Mediterranean-type climate. Unless you’re growing autoflowers, you can typically sow your cannabis seeds around April for a harvest in October.


It’s best to use fibrous pots that you can move in case of any harsh weather. Premium quality organic soil loaded with the proper nutrients is usually the go-to medium for outdoor growing. Remember that outdoor Kush plants usually get a lot bigger than indoor ones, so make sure there’s enough space and you perform regular pruning for optimal growth.


Growing feminized Kush varieties

Feminized Kush seeds produce female-only plants, so you don’t have to worry about any pollinating male crops. They’re photoperiodic, so outdoors, they’ll start flowering once the days become shorter. Indoors, you’ll need to adjust the light schedule to 12/12 when it’s time to trigger the blooming phase. It takes roughly 20–24 weeks for feminized crops to go from seed to harvest.


Growing autoflowering Kush varieties

Autoflowering Kush plants are non-photoperiodic, so they don’t rely on light schedule changes. They also complete their life cycles much quicker than their regular or feminized counterparts (in around 8–12 weeks). They’re the perfect choice for year-round cultivation.


While autos come with their share of benefits, there are also a few caveats. Due to their quick growth, these Kush weed plants don’t have time to recover from stress caused by rookie errors or high-stress training techniques. As such, they’re more suitable for intermediate or advanced growers and won’t respond well to any extreme yield-boosting techniques. Be sure to prune these crops frequently. 


Growing regular Kush varieties

Regular Kush marijuana seeds produce a mix of male and female plants, precisely what breeders and strain experimentalists want. You can use your male crops to pollinate the female plants of another strain or vice versa. Crossbreeding cultivars like this is how hybrids come to be. 


Remember to separate your male Kush plants from the females as soon as possible. Why? Because pollination significantly reduces yield outcomes. You can still look forward to a rewarding harvest by keeping your male crops away from your females.


Where to buy Kush seeds

Are you wondering where you can find the best Kush seeds for sale? We’ve got your back. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we only line our shelves with genetically stable cannabis seeds, tried and trusted by our in-house experts like Nikki & Swami, Kyle Kushman, and Steve DeAngelo.


We have one of the oldest mother plant collections in the world. We also have an incredible range of stabilized hybrids, including countless Kush varieties. Besides having so many options of the best Kush seeds available on the market today, why else is Homegrown your go-to online seed bank?


Well, here are a few reasons:


  • Speedy, discreet, and secure delivery: We’ll send your Kush seeds straight to your door anywhere in the US. Plus, you can track your precious package at all times.


  • A germination guarantee: Kush marijuana seeds, like all seeds, are still subject to the fate of Mother Nature. If yours don’t sprout for some reason, we’ll replace them free of charge under the terms of our germination guarantee.


  • Fantastic selection of payment methods: From Bitcoin and bank transfers to e-wallets, telephone payments, and credit cards, you can choose the payment option that suits you best.


  • Helpful and effective customer service: If you run into an issue, need guidance about your Kush seeds, or want some help, we’re always here to assist.


  • A dope loyalty program: You get to join our exclusive Homegrown Stash program when you buy Kush seeds online with us. As a member, you’ll earn points to receive freebies, discounts, and other cool rewards.


  • An exclusive platform to track your growing progress: Our Homegrown Diaries platform provides handy tools to monitor your progress, share your success, and learn from other growers’ diaries. Once you buy Kush seeds with us, you can start your diary right away.


  • A community of like-minded growers: As a leading cannabis brand, cultivating a community where growers can discuss their thoughts, share their victories, and learn from others is a pivotal part of our philosophy. Join the Homegrown Forum and become a part of the family today.


  • Free multimedia educational content from world-class experts: Homegrown has joined forces with many cannabis industry giants to fulfill our shared vision of a world where cannabis is recognized as the healing herb it is. 

Whether you want to Grow Your Own With Kyle Kushman, listen to our Potcast, learn about the legal stuff in your state, or enjoy some Cannabis Culture, we’re committed to bringing you in-depth, up-to-date info on all things cannabis. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Kush seeds today and start your new and exciting weed-growing adventures with Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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