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The best collection of Skunk seeds in the world

Skunk seeds revolutionized the cannabis industry and are responsible for creating at least half the marijuana strains on the market today. For years, Skunk seeds have wowed cultivators with their ability to produce high THC buds and even bigger yields. They also provide lightning-fast flowering times, meaning you’ll be sitting back and enjoying your stash sooner rather than later.

Join us as we draw back the curtain on this illustrious cultivar and discover what it means to be a living legend. You'll find detailed strain descriptions and easy-to-follow guides on how to grow each unique cultivar at home. Here are some of the most popular Skunk seeds available right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

What are Skunk weed seeds?

Like any great story, we need to start at the beginning to truly savor the brilliance of Skunk seeds. The 70s saw a boom in cannabis usage as it became popularized in the media and pop culture. It was a time of radical new thinking and discovery, making the environment just right for a star to be born.


Breeders combined Acapulco Gold, Afghani, and Colombian Gold to create the original Skunk weed seeds. These three landrace strains from around the world each offered something unique. Afghani contributed to its renowned indica appearance, relaxing effects, and ability to resist common diseases.


Acapulco Gold is responsible for the sativa genetics found in Skunk seeds. It’s also the reason you experience a physical buzz and uplifting effects after consuming this potent cultivar.


Colombia Gold is the final ingredient to this classic strain and the main reason for its uncanny acidic fragrance. It’s also from this rare landrace strain that the buds get their shape and color.


The original Skunk seeds were such a hit that they went on to win the first Cannabis Cup held in 1988. One of the biggest advantages of this cannabis cultivar was its faster flowering time. Up until the creation of Skunk seeds, growers would need to wait months for their marijuana crops to mature outdoors.


These revolutionary weed seeds offered high yields in a short space of time. Cultivators could now get their hands on their bud quickly without losing any potency. Plants grown from Skunk seeds also had less foliage despite their indica-dominant roots. This characteristic improved the strain’s resistance to moisture issues like mold and mildew.


These three properties became the cornerstone of Skunk weed seeds. They led to the creation of hundreds of hybrid strains, including classics like Hektol, Orange Bud, and Pineapple Haze.


Varieties of Skunk weed seeds

Due to the popularity of Skunk seeds amongst breeders, you can find countless variations of this indica-leaning hybrid online. Each cannabis cultivar brings something new to the table, but each pays homage to this pungent strain in one form or another. Below are some of the most iconic varieties available at Homegrown Cannabis Co.


  • Skunk #1 feminized seeds

The original Skunk seeds that changed the marijuana community forever. Skunk #1 feminized seeds are a joy to grow and produce calming buds with up to 17% THC. These flowers release a powerful citrus and lemon aroma indicative of its namesake.    


  • God Bud regular seeds

This indica heavy strain harnesses its almighty genetics to create massive yields. God Bud regular seeds are perfect for beginners and one of the more potent Skunk seeds available. Its 24% THC buds will leave you relaxed with the taste of chocolate in your mouth.  


There are plenty more indica-dominant hybrids on this page that have Skunk weed seeds to thank for their creation. You can find them on this page, along with a detailed guide on how to raise them.


You’ll also discover a plethora of sativa-leaning hybrids originating from Skunk seeds. Some of the most popular strains at Homegrown Cannabis Co are:


  • LSD feminized seeds

If you’re after a psychedelic experience like no other, look no further than LSD feminized seeds. This variation of Skunk seeds develops into sweet buds with up to 24% THC. These potent flowers leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and creative within minutes. 


  • Sour Diesel feminized seeds

Start your day on the right side of the bed with Sour Diesel feminized seeds. These 22% THC fueled buds boost your energy levels and focus, giving you the confidence to complete any task. These Skunk seeds have reached celebrity status, meaning you can smoke with the stars.


  • Skunky Jack feminized seeds

Give yourself the best of both worlds with Skunky Jack feminized seeds. These 23% THC buds increase your energy while relaxing your body. You can plant these Skunk seeds anywhere and expect medium to high harvests.


Types of Skunk seeds

It can get confusing navigating the endless fields of Skunk seeds if you’re new to cultivating cannabis. Below we explain the different types of cannabis seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co and what they can offer you.  


  • Regular seeds

Planting regular Skunk weed seeds will see male and female plants emerge from the soil. This version is perfect for beginners and experienced breeders looking to create hybrids.


  • Feminized seeds

Take the hassle out of growing Skunk seeds by ordering the feminized version. This cannabis seed type contains altered genetics to ensure every plant is a flower-bearing female. If you’re just starting out, this is the version for you.


  • Autoflower seeds

Thanks to the introduction of ruderalis genetics, your Skunk weed seeds will grow faster. You also don’t need to change the light schedule to trigger flowering. It’s best to gain some experience before trying to raise this version.


  • Fast version seeds

If you need your weed in a hurry or are planning a stealth grow, consider buying fast version Skunk seeds. These cannabis seeds develop quicker than the feminized version but require periods of darkness to begin flowering.


Why buy Skunk weed seeds?

Every marijuana strain has unique traits that differentiate it from others available. At the same time, all Skunk seeds contain a quality in some form that pays homage to their renowned lineage. Below, we take you through some of the many reasons to buy Skunk seeds online from Homegrown Cannabis Co.


Powerful fragrance and flavor

One of the most notable attributes of weed from Skunk seeds is the incredibly powerful smell. Fans of these cultivars can immediately identify the strong lemon and citrus fragrance produced by these buds. There’s also a hint of earthy undertones and spice, creating a complex yet enjoyable musk.


Different Skunk seeds add further depth to the aroma due to their genetics. For example, Mazar produces buds that emit the signature Skunk smell, along with sweet woody notes similar to sandalwood.


The flavor produced by these mouth-watering buds can vary from sweet candy to sour fruit. No matter what Skunk strain you choose, you’ll notice an iconic lemon tang that’s instantly recognizable.


Potent THC levels

Another trademark of Skunk seeds is a high THC percentage present in cannabis buds. These levels can range from as little as 15% to even more potent cultivars containing as much as 25%.


No matter which Skunk seeds you choose, expect medium to high levels of this psychoactive compound. Remember to keep your dose low and slow, especially if you have a low tolerance, to avoid overwhelming your senses.


Pleasurable effects

Skunk weed is famous around the globe for its energizing high. It tends to leave you happy and motivated to take on the day or any task in front of you. 


Marijuana strains from this family trigger mental clarity and improved focus to stay on top of your game at all times. These cannabis cultivars can also boost your creativity levels, making them a fabulous option for anyone involved in the arts.  


One of the most prominent effects of Skunk weed is its ability to induce a calming body buzz. Your muscles become soft, and any aches quickly disappear, opening you up to unparalleled relaxation.


Healing benefits

On top of the incredible recreational capabilities, Skunk weed is recognized for its treasure trove of wellness benefits. You can use these healing herbs to improve your mood and quickly rid yourself of any negativity. Patients can utilize these brilliant buds to combat anxiety and depression effectively.


Skunk weed is known to reduce physical and mental stress. You can benefit from these buds after a long day at work, washing away any pain in your body. It's also shown to be an effective alternative treatment for PTSD.


High yields & resistant plants

One of the founding properties of Skunk seeds is their ability to grow medium to heavy yields without requiring much attention. These plants have the ability to resist moisture issues that plague most cultivators, like mold and bud rot.


Faster flowering crops

Another desirable property of Skunk seeds is their ability to flower slightly faster than other cannabis cultivars. They do this by speeding up the vegging phase, allowing you to get your hands on your stash sooner than anticipated.


High resin production

Skunk weed is known for creating buds with thick trichome blankets and high resin production. You can utilize these sticky nugs to create cannabis concentrates allowing you to consume marijuana in a healthier form. Plus, you can infuse cannabis with food to create delicious edibles.


Below, we take you through the basics of raising Skunk seeds in any environment. Plus, we look at the different versions of this iconic marijuana strain and how you need to approach them.


How to grow Skunk weed seeds?

Growing Skunk seeds is one of the most exciting activities a cannabis fan can do. Most of the strains from this particular marijuana family require basic maintenance and care, making them perfect for beginners.


You’re also not limited to a certain growing environment as Skunk seeds can thrive inside and outdoors. Each strain from this legendary lineage has slightly different needs. Luckily, you can rely on Homegrown Cannabis to steer you towards quality yields.


Below, we take you through the basics of raising Skunk seeds in any environment. Plus, we look at the different versions of this iconic marijuana strain and how you need to approach them.


Growing Skunk seeds indoors

Growing Skunk seeds indoors can get expensive due to the initial cost of equipment, but the results are worth it. You have complete control over the environment, allowing you to recreate the perfect climate conditions.


If you opt for an indica-leaning cultivar, your plants will remain short in stature, concentrating their energy on lateral expansion. You can use the Sea of Green method to maximize the yields of Skunk seeds no matter how small the space.


This technique follows a twelve-hour light schedule and can also speed up the vegging phase to flip your crops into flowering. Sativa-dominant strains mature into tall, lanky plants with long, thin-fingered leaves. If you have limited space in your grow tent, you can train your crops or top them to keep their size manageable. 


Another technique that works well alongside sativa Skunk seeds is the Screen of Green method. It involves encouraging lateral growth and exposing more budding sights to the light for higher yields.


Regardless of the strain, routine maintenance is a must if you want to keep your plants healthy. Regularly pruning the older fan leaves helps airflow and light to penetrate the lower sections of your crops. Trimming leaves also promotes growth in new areas.


Skunk seeds require specific conditions to flourish. As a general rule, maintain temperatures in your grow tent between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to also keep the humidity levels within the 40 to 50% range.


When it comes to choosing a growing medium, you can use either soil or hydroponics to raise your Skunk seeds. Nutrient-rich soil enhances the flavor and fragrance of your buds and improves the immune system of your crops. In comparison, hydroponics will speed up the overall growing time of your plants.


Raising Skunk seeds outside

If you prefer growing Skunk seeds outside, you’ll need to find a warm, sunny spot in the garden. For the best results, start germinating your marijuana seeds using the paper towel method for five days. You can then move them into pots or directly into the ground once they display a healthy white taproot.


Most Skunk seeds can survive colder temperatures, but a Mediterranean climate works best with your crops. Cultivators living in the Northern Hemisphere should start raising their cannabis seeds in April. You can then begin harvesting your crops in September.


If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, consider planting your Skunk weed seeds in pots. You can then move your crops under a shelter to protect them from getting damaged.


Growing regular seeds

Regular Skunk seeds are a mixture of males and females like nature intended. Experienced breeders can use this version to pollinate other plants and create a new hybrid. At the same time, beginners will find this variation easier than most to raise.


If you only want to grow Skunk seeds for its classic cannabis, you need to remove the males before crops start flowering. Failing to complete this step can wreak havoc on your yields. 


Cultivating feminized seeds

Feminized Skunk seeds are the easiest version to grow as they remove the risk of males. Other than that, these cannabis seeds require light and water to grow like any other plant. 


It can take up to six months to successfully raise the best Skunk seeds, but the results are worth it. If you raise this version indoors, you can manipulate the light schedule to trick your plants into flowering sooner. 


Raising autoflower seeds

Autoflowering Skunk seeds are slightly more tricky to cultivate, making them a better option for experienced growers. Thanks to the addition of ruderalis genetics, these plants don’t rely on light to start flowering.


This version of Skunk seeds takes around ten weeks to fully mature. The quick turnaround time makes them a suitable option for cultivators looking to grow marijuana all year round.


We recommend learning how to cultivate weed before attempting to grow autoflower seeds. These plants don’t have enough time to recover from amateur mistakes, which can spell disaster for your crops.


Where to buy Skunk seeds?

Buying Skunk seeds in the USA is easy. The only difficult part is finding a reliable source and quality you can trust. Avoid any disappointment by purchasing your marijuana seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.


We pride ourselves on delivering the best Skunk seeds to your doorstep and providing all the assistance you could need. We also stock hundreds of other cannabis cultivars, each with a unique story to tell.


Here are a few more reasons to choose Homegrown Cannabis Co as your weed seed partner:


  • Browse through the many Skunk seeds and other strains from the comfort of your home. You can even use your mobile phone to buy cannabis seeds on the go conveniently.


  • Pick one of the many supported payment methods that work for you. We accept credit cards, e-wallet services, and cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.


  • Get your Skunk seeds fast using our discreet and secure delivery service.


  • If you run into any issues or need guidance, you can easily reach out and contact us for support.


  • Join our loyalty program to get exclusive deals and be the first to hear about our specials. You can also earn points by buying Skunk seeds for more cool rewards.


  • Track the progress of your crops using our Homegrown Diaries, and compare your plants with other cultivators.


  • Become part of our friendly community by joining the Homegrown Forum. You can discuss tips and tricks with other like-minded cultivators or ask for help.


  • Tons of free educational content to turn you into the cannabis master of your dreams.

Buy your Skunk seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co to experience the joy of marijuana and all the advantages that come with it.

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